The City of Birmingham Choir website is powered by WordPress, using the following plugins:

  • Blogs for Bands (modified to use modern WordPress Capabilities, restrict admin access, and fix various quote escaping issues), with silk icons by Mark James;

  • Twitter Stream (changed to use a list rather than paragraphs) for the Twitter sidebar widget;
  • Role Manager and Role Scoper to allow full admin control over which back end users can edit which bits of the site;
  • FT Password Protect Children Pages (modified to work for more than just parents) to password protect sections of the site;
  • Quotes Collection (heavily modified to use WP shortcode with more options) to provide random quote boxes;
  • Display Widgets to allow certain sidebar widgets to only appear on certain bits of the site.
  • A tiny plugin of my own to display the subnavigation box.
  • Not a plugin, but I’ve edited the core of WordPress to allow graduated access to the password protected areas of the site.

The site was designed and put together by Matthew Somerville using vim, and is hosted by Mythic Beasts.