Please click below to view the programme for our Messiah concerts on Friday 9 Dec 2011 in Symphony Hall, Birmingham, and Tuesday 13 December 2011 in Town Hall, Birmingham.

This new system is intended to enable our audiences to see programmes in advance and read them at their leisure.  They will remain on line for some time after the concert as well.

It is not intended that you should print out the programme.  A short, free programme with the words and other basic information will be available for those attending the concerts.

We hope you will find this innovation effective and would be pleased to receive your feedback. Please use the Contact link at the bottom of the page.

The programme file is a pdf of a little under 2 Mb which may take a few moments to download.  If you do not see it clearly, choose ‘One Full Page’ from the top bar.  You will then be able to scroll down one page at a time.